The company was founded in 1957 by brothers, Rubin and J.C. (Cannon) Amos with one employee manufacturing bands from a self-made machine for only Texas sales. The company now has over 60 employees and ships nationwide. Of the 60 employees 15 have over 20 years of service and 14 have 10-20 years service, providing Hearne Steel with a stable, experienced work force.

The decision to locate the business in Hearne, Texas was made because of its proximity to all major Texas cities within a 150-mile radius and the availability of good labor supply. During the 1960s' land was bought and the first buildings were constructed which included an expansion in the product line from bands to other residential and industrial fence fittings. A galvanizing plant was added to further enhance the operations.

The company has continued to expand into the 21st century with more efficient press operations, improved galvanizing procedures, in-house tool and die department and bar code labeling capabilities. Plant facilities and office space now total approximately 100,000 square feet on 26 acres of land in the Hearne Industrial Park.

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