Hearne Steel manufactures and hot dip galvanizes a complete line of chain link hardware. The company's product line includes pressed steel, wood, aluminum, semi-steel and malleable and ornamental fittings. The fittings include bands, clamps, post caps, sleeves, hinges, gate sets, rolling gate hardware, barb arms, and assorted latches.

Hearne Steel has seven departments:
Shop, welding, galvanizing, shipping, tool/die, maintenance and office.

The shop department contains several 80-150 ton presses along with four-slide machines. The welding department completes products with mig wire welders. Welded products include barb arms, line tops, rail ends, scrolls, and hinges. The galvanizing department uses a spin batch process to apply the zinc coating to approximate 1.2 ounces of zinc. Custom orders requiring 1.5-2 ounces can be done as needed. The shipping department assembles, inspects, counts, applies bar codes as needed and packages into bags or boxes as needed. Products readied for shipment are placed on wooden pallets and secured by plastic shrink-wrap. The tool/die department enables the company to be flexible in meeting customer needs for specialty items. The maintenance department supports all departments to keep operations running smoothly. The office is composed of sales, purchasing, production, product development and accounting/financial.



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